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Sound Healing

  • 1 hour
  • contact me for location

Service Description

Sound healing is a centuries-old technique that uses instruments, music, tones, and other sonic vibrations to balance and heal the body, mind, and spirit. The vibration from sound bowls and other instruments allows a range of specialized frequencies to create a therapeutic atmosphere to rebalance the nervous system, reduce stress, and promote deep rest, peace, and emotional release. I offer several types of healing sessions for individuals and groups. - Chakra Healing with singing bowls is based on ancient Vedic principles to balance our chakras chakra healing may aid in many form of critical illness. - Ancient Healing with singing bowls is based on ancient Tibetan principles. These bowls may clear and resolve deep emotional blockages such as trauma, PTSD, and reduced recovery time from injuries and surgeries along with aiding in greater spiritual growth. - Biofield Clearing uses tuning forks to clear the energy field up to 6 feet around your physical body that holds physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual experiences from the point of conception to the present. These experiences can start to bring you back into a balanced, healed state.

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